We at FONECONCEPTS.COM pride ourselves on the high-quality, feature-rich and cost-effective products and services that we provide, and we welcome the opportunity to provide them to you.
By subscribing to Fone Concepts leading products and services, the following are just some of the features and benefits you will realize:
Fone Concepts products and services utilize next-generation technology to ensure it is as efficient, cost-effective, scalable and resilient as possible. By utilizing the latest in switching technology we can ensure that your calls are serviced at the best quality and most inexpensive manner possible, so that we can pass the savings on to you.
Cash-back Recharge
Fone Concepts products and services are not just only cost-effective but also truly rewarding in many ways; such as our popular cash-back recharge. This feature, like no other, ensure that you can enjoy your subscription to our services with longer talk-time by getting back a pertcentage of your purchase every time you recharge after your first purchase.
Loyalty Reward
As an additional way of giving back, all our subscribers are constantly rewarded through our popular loyalty rewards. It is the least we can do to reciprocate your support for Fone Concepts and being a loyal Fone Concepts telecommunication services subscriber.
IN-NET Shareable Credit
At Fone Concepts we believe in sharing; hence we ensure that inherent in our products and services is the capability to freely share your pay-as-you-go account credit with your in-network friends and family whenever they need such, and as you may choose at no additional cost to you.
Low and Affordable Calling Rate
At Fone Concepts we went to great lengths to ensure that our products and services are designed to be competitive without losing the sight on affordability to you; our subscribers. So with us, you can be rest assured that by subscribing to any of our services, you are guaranteed low and affordable calling rate to many global destinations at any time.
Free Starting Minutes
When you subscribe to Fone Concepts pay-as-you-go products and services, we welcome you with instant starting free minutes to anywhere, any phone (landline or mobile) globally in addition to your actual first purchase. This gives you even longer talk-time through our communications network.
Easy Recharge
With Fone Concepts, recharging your products and services subscription is seamless and easy. We provide you with many options to recharge your account through your online account, or recharge as you go with our auto-recharge feature; ensuring that you are never out of talk credit at critical moments in time.
Speed Dial
Our products and services let you easily set speed dial features on your account with total freedom for quicker reach to your desired global destinations. At Fone Concepts we fully understand that time is money; hence we provide your with speed dial feature among others.
Transparent Self-Serve Account Management
Fone Concepts network and transparent services are all about empowering you to manage your telecommunication needs, when and where it is most convenient to you. By providing a state-of-the-art portal to allow you directly access, view and manage your account, you are able to review your account and alter your services at any time, from anywhere, saving you precious time.
Multi-phone Compatible
Accessibility to our products and services regardless of phone type is a central part of our services design criteria at Fone Concepts. Hence, you can be rest assured that our calling services are multi-phone compatible and can be used from fixed/landlines as well as mobile phones.
Feature-Rich and User-Friendly Services
Fone Concepts innovative products and services are on the leading edge allowing you to utilize a single service or consolidate multiple services into a cohesive solution. We offer such innovative services as downloadable virtual phone card, variable stage dialing solutions, and multi-U virtual presence just to name a few. Best of all, our products and services can be viewed and managed via the web; so your telecommunication services are always at your finger tips.
Reliable and Scalable
Fone Concepts network is built on carrier-grade technology to provide you with mission-critical service and support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. By utilizing a redundant and distributed architecture we ensure that we can provide you with a highly resilient and reliable network that can scale to meet your needs with the peace-of-mind that we will be there whenever you need us.
Super Weekend Calling
Fone Concepts network is made wide open for our subscribers for even longer talk time to complement our already low week-day calling rate over every weekend all year around. Our subscribers call this, super weekend calling and yes we agree; pure and simple!
Super Selection Calling
At Fone Concepts we not only provide innovative products and services, we even go the distance of changing the paradigm with our super-selection calling service. Yes, you heard that right, super-selection! With this service you make self selections of global destinations you call most and you leave the rest to us to provide you with un-matched amazing calling rate.
3-for-30 Referral reward
At Fone Concepts we not only provide innovative products and services, we also reward your loyalty to us in may ways; one of which is our popular 3-for-30 referral rewards. With this referral reward, your account get boosted with 30 anywhere minutes at no cost to you for 3 referrals that you made and that make a purchase for any of our services.