SERVICES AT A GLANCE: What type of caller are you?

Pinless Call Service
Are you a buy when needed only type of caller? Then this is the right service for you!
Sign up for pay-go credit and/or choose low-balance recharge for continuous talk-time credit
Dial any of our access numbers and your destination or use our mobile app for one-tap dialing
Enjoy recharging your account phone credit whenever you want on a pay-as-you-go basis
Purchase service and get foreign country phone number(s) of your choice
Give your contact(s) the phone number
Your contact(s) call you worldwide directly dialing the foreign number locally saving cost
For example, save cost for your child a foreign exchage student or friends and families abroad
Fone Me Service
Soft Fax Service
Register for service, provide your email address then login to get softfax number(s) of your choice
Choose softfax numbers from 40+ countries globally, low monthly billing applies
Give your soft fax number to contact(s) and business associates
Receive and read unlimited faxes in your email at your convenience anywhere in the world